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how to write a good essay

How to write a great essay on any topics

Knowledge of the nuances of writing an essay will help you to create literate text corresponding to the given direction.

How to write an essay? It is very important to follow a particular algorithm, all the text should be produced in a certain sequence. By following the instructions, you will be able to correctly elaborate your thoughts and fully disclose the theme of the work.

Fully concentrate on work. Nothing should distract you. If necessary, the work can be divided into two stages, but the main thing should be done without interruption. You have to read the necessary materials, draw up a plan and draft.

If you need to create a topic by yourself, spend enough time for it. The theme should fully correspond to the work.

Think carefully about the given topic. Remember facts from the author’s biography, write down quotations.

Identify the main range of problems about the topic and find the main one among them.

Think about how you will start writing about the topic and analyze the problem of the work. Formulate several sentences and write them down.

Briefly write down the thoughts, which you would like to display in your essay. There must be a minimum of 12-15 offers.

At this stage, you need to read all the materials. Try to find something new, previously unnoticed. Remember – the work has to expose the subject as fully as possible.

Now you can start creating a plan. Think about the composition of your essay. The essay must contain the main part, your position, arguments, and conclusions. Take into account the size of your essay. In the plan, specify a few abstracts for each point.

Make a draft version of the work. Post your thoughts competently, consistently, follow the logic of the essay. Do not forget about arguments and evidence, it is advisable to use quotes.

Carefully read the draft, add something if it is needed. Fully check the essay for errors, semantic inconsistencies, and logical failures.

Then you have to rewrite the work if it is needed. It is advisable to make a short break, and then re-read and check the text again.

Express book review

There are 3 types of reviews:



Descriptive title.

Type is determined by how and in what way is the article written? Whether she speaks clearly about what a person can get in a particular case, asks the reader about the problem and whether he wants to solve it or describes the product being promoted.

Next comes the introduction and here, too, you need to think about how to write it correctly. In the review in the introduction, references to the main material are often left. For those who can not wait to get information.

The entry is written in any keys. it can be and the statement of the information as actual, the description of your impressions about a product and another that can hook the reader. All from a third party, no me. Introduction is a maximum of 20% of the review, and you must keep within these figures.

In the body of the article, you need to write the basic thoughts in advance by summarizing them. How to do this if the promoted text is small? Highlight the main thoughts in the review, supporting them with facts of research or evidence of the relevance of information.

Although writing reviews is recommended using the citations from the main document, try to use these allocations less often. Maximum two times – only the most important moments. If the product has many important points, one can highlight one most weighty, not forgetting to mention how the evidence of buyers’ reviews or the facts of producers.

Important in writing reviews of quotes from other sources. If there are any, ask the customer and ask how you can use them? Never write that you liked the product. Only arguments from external sources.

Intellectual completion

At the end, write an overview of the main parameters summarizing all the positive aspects described in the article, and also confirm once again the value of information by facts from other sources. That is, make an emphasis on how information or promoted product is useful to you? What will the user learn? And do not forget that the completion is no more than 10% of the review.

Coursework writing service

Composing coursework at the college is important for all understudies, beginning with the first or second year of study.

The head of the course work should determine the type of your work for a more precise formulation of the topic. The subject and object of research, the unity of which will be presented in the title should be selected. For example, the topic may sound like this: “The expression of positive emotions in older preschoolers through poetry.”

The object of the research should always be placed at the first place, for example, “expression of positive emotions by older preschoolers.” It should include the main, basic part of the work.

The coursework does not require the creation of something new, but it is necessary to study what other experts have already developed. Most likely, someone has already tried to teach children to write poetry. Therefore, for the disclosure of the topic you will need to study methodological literature, gather existing experience, and try with the children in practice someone else’s technique.

If you mentally identified the subject and the object of your research, also, you build up the content of the work, where the first chapter contains the description of the object, and the second section is the subject of the study, you can start writing.

It is advisable to develop a detailed plan; it will help to structure the knowledge of the subject. It will also help you to clearly articulate exactly how and by which tools you will analyze your work.

Write what is the purpose of your research. In the course of economics, such a purpose may be the study of the influence of one factor on other economic indicators. In the work of legal disciplines, the aim may be to study the principles of civil law, the consequences of the introduction of certain legislative acts.

So think about the title of the topic, it will help you to more clearly formulate the purpose of the study.

Do not be afraid of the globality of the plan. The more clearly the basic directions of work will be expressed, the easier it will be to write it.

Dissertation writing service

Dissertation is a qualifying scientific research, which requires theoretical and practical development by the author of the task. Preparation of the dissertation envisages and professional development of a specialist who receives with a successful defense of the degree of a candidate or doctor of sciences. The quality of the result of protection depends from the beginning of the work on the topic, on the psychological readiness of the author to become a scientist.

Imagine your idea of writing a thesis as an already implemented project. What is it for you? A dream to get a degree at any price or embodiment of a conceived idea that has long been carried forward and now you want to create it into action and describe the results of the research? Only with the second option, you have a chance to work on the topic of research actively and purposefully.

Consult with a specialist who will help to determine the type of your thinking, the tendency to theoretical reflection or to experimental research, the degree of possession of research methods. This will help you to more accurately determine the direction of your research and the form of reflection of the material being studied.  

Decide on the topic of the dissertation. It can be narrow, specific and reflect the specifics of your practice, and may cover a wide range of scientific knowledge.

A group of scientists will evaluate the novelty and specificity of your future work.

Trust your supervisor in developing of a work plan for the future dissertation, but also adjust the time frame.

The supervisor is an authoritative scientist in your field of study, that is why he will help you to determine if the planned work is in line with the profile of the specialized academic council and the specialty for which protection is planned.

Prepare for publication 1-2 articles reflecting to the specifics of your research activity. The materials may have a purely practical nature, but also it mat point to the issues that will lead to the relevance of the topic, it will show the possible methods of solving the problem.

Useful or harmful ready-made homework?

With the help of online essay writer services or ready-made homework sources, the student can quickly rewrite the correct solution to any problem in the textbook on mathematics, physics, chemistry, essays and even course works.

There are various opinions on this score: most pupils, of course, like this way of doing their homework, because it saves his time, which is usually a deficit. At the same time, some parents and teachers are negative about these services, believing that they harm the children to study normally. But is it?

The bookmaker, if compiled correctly, is a very useful book that allows the child to learn to correctly solve problems even on an object that is given to him hard. Due to the presence of correct solutions for all tasks that are not found in any textbook, the student can very effectively learn to solve correctly himself in the future. After all, for study you need a lot of examples, naked theory is never enough. Due to the huge layer of the practical part, the student learns the skills of solving problems, becomes more literate, learns to solve correctly complex tasks in physics and chemistry.

How does the reseller work? When a student rewrites a ready correct solution, he remembers it, and the more he does them, the more diverse solutions that have common points of contact become available to him. When he comes to school, and at the lesson he gets a similar or similar problem, he no longer doubts how to cope with it.

In addition, this ready-made homework significantly increases the amount of free time for the child. A student should not only study, but a modern school student is forced to go home at 15:00, and still do a lot of homework. But you still need to do what you like most, because the thoughtless adherence to the school program without additional development will not make a real specialist in a certain field from a child in the future. Each student has his or her favorite subject or occupation, which needs to be given more attention, in order to subsequently make it his profession. Therefore, it allows you to do all your homework without detriment to yourself, so that you still have time for your favorite business.