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Dissertation is a qualifying scientific research, which requires theoretical and practical development by the author of the task. Preparation of the dissertation envisages and professional development of a specialist who receives with a successful defense of the degree of a candidate or doctor of sciences. The quality of the result of protection depends from the beginning of the work on the topic, on the psychological readiness of the author to become a scientist.

Imagine your idea of writing a thesis as an already implemented project. What is it for you? A dream to get a degree at any price or embodiment of a conceived idea that has long been carried forward and now you want to create it into action and describe the results of the research? Only with the second option, you have a chance to work on the topic of research actively and purposefully.

Consult with a specialist who will help to determine the type of your thinking, the tendency to theoretical reflection or to experimental research, the degree of possession of research methods. This will help you to more accurately determine the direction of your research and the form of reflection of the material being studied.  

Decide on the topic of the dissertation. It can be narrow, specific and reflect the specifics of your practice, and may cover a wide range of scientific knowledge.

A group of scientists will evaluate the novelty and specificity of your future work.

Trust your supervisor in developing of a work plan for the future dissertation, but also adjust the time frame.

The supervisor is an authoritative scientist in your field of study, that is why he will help you to determine if the planned work is in line with the profile of the specialized academic council and the specialty for which protection is planned.

Prepare for publication 1-2 articles reflecting to the specifics of your research activity. The materials may have a purely practical nature, but also it mat point to the issues that will lead to the relevance of the topic, it will show the possible methods of solving the problem.

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